Over the years Mjtour has developed a network of guides and tour leaders to ensure maximum safety, professionalism and availability for all tourists who want to visit Italy and Europe, giving a homogeneous and high-profile style and quality for all our tours. Instead of looking for the available guide and the least expensive, we think that a network of professionals is the best guarantee for what it offers and for those who pay for a service, a service that is often confused with dreams and dreams must be respected. Paris, Rome, Munich, St. Petersburg, Lisbon, Venice, Tatiana, Floriana, Ludvig, Anna, Francesca, Carlos, a unique way to accompany tourists, to make you feel at ease in every place, with the same style, the same line that combines the pleasure of making you fall in love.

In particular, in Italy, mjtour has promoted and supported the birth of an association of tourism professionals, Amitalia-tours, an association created to make you fall in love with the Bel Paese.

Amitalia-Tours Association

The most famous cities of art, but also the small and lesser-known villages. The sea, the islands, the coves, the beaches. And the great lakes. The hills, the mountains. And then the vineyards, the countryside. It's easy to say "Italy", but Italy is a universe to be discovered. A unique country, sometimes mysterious, which must be savored slowly, like a tasting wine, to better grasp its secrets, smells, moods, flavors. Italy is beauty, art, nature, culture. But also quality of life, love for food, wine, passion for fashion, elegance of architecture and design, care for craftsmanship.

That is, to say "Italy" is quick, while it takes time to discover all its treasures and fully experience its infinite beauties.

For this reason, to allow you to know all that is beautiful and good even if it is not "famous", there is AMITALIA, an association of Tourism Professionals, able to accompany you always, assisting you for any need. Staying by your side and guiding you through the wonders of our country, to make you fall in love, "without thoughts". Among the most hidden, most secret, most beautiful. With all the time you need. As we like it: slowly.