A travel agency that comes from afar.

My story as a travel agent was born 30 years ago, when as a partner of a farm I followed the schools visiting our company and the surrounding area, on the hills between Sasso Marconi and Marzabotto. With the children you learn, you learn to organize the days, you learn to answer the simplest and most complicated questions, you learn to interact with the infinite curiosity of the children and teachers and you learn the art of surprise to receive a smile.

Later, in the early years of the new millennium, I stayed in the South of Brazil to create dairies and instead, after a while I found myself divulging some of the most beautiful regions of southern Brazil, organizing fairs in Italy and promoting famtour and connecting Italian and Brazilian companies and public administrations.

I opened a travel agency in Brazil, I started organizing trips, first for Italians who wanted to visit Brazil and then for Brazilians who wanted to visit Italy and Europe, many of them of Italian origin, many.

The pleasure of accompanying these people, making their dream come true, the desire to invent a different way of being an organizer and travel companion, the desire to make known the Italian wonders has definitively dissolved any doubt I know what I wanted to do when I grew up.

To do it better, without having to mediate with anyone, except with my customers and their needs, I left the Brazilian agency to my partners and I opened a travel agency in Italy, an agency based only on my projects and tourists' dreams, a different way of accompanying and caring for tourists, Personal, complete, slow.

I surrounded myself with the best guides in various European cities and in Italy, so as to create a network without surprises, only quality.

I am a tour leader and with 8 other guides and guides I created the Amitalia-tours association, created to disseminate the Italian wonders and make you fall in love with the details, the beauty, your trip and a little about us.