A selection of tours of medium and long duration, almost always of 3 days for each destination to be able to live it slowoly and have the time to be surprised by corners, places, moments that otherwise would remain unknown. Trips are always divided between “passing through” and “knowing”. Always remember that two nights means arriving in a place in the afternoon (or evening) of a day and the next evening you already have your bags ready, always prefer a minimum of 3 nights, the difference is priceless. 3 days gives you the opportunity to organize some excursions to special places, excursions that can make a big difference. Follow us and let yourself be enchanted, follow us and choose the places and excursions and if you want others that you do not read, ask, we are here to organize your personalized itinerary, because every traveler is unique and so are the trips.

The Great Alpine Lakes, an all-Italian pleasure

From Genoa to the Baia dei Poeti, five unforgettable days

The Via Emilia, the Valley of the passions