Spritz Specialist

Lingue: Inglese, spagnolo, francese

My name is Caterina and I am a Venetian DOC. My passion for travel and tourism dates back to when I was a child, in fact I didn’t like playing with dolls but I preferred to leaf through brochures, maps and travel guides. I loved playing at the travel agency and I have always cultivated the dream of opening my own. I have always imagined what a feeling it could give me to make people happy by organizing a trip or a honeymoon for them and, even if I have not yet realized the dream of opening my own agency, I could still experience the satisfaction of seeing my customers happy with help I was giving them by working as a land hostess for cruise ships and also as a babysitter in luxury hotels. I love to travel but at the same time I love my city, I am very proud of where I was born and raised and I am also aware of the uniqueness of Venice and for this reason I want to convey the magic of this place to you too.

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