A Cheese Adventure in the Rubicon Valley, with sea view

A territory rich in history, nature and unique gastronomic products.


    • Our guide will meet you at your hotel
    • Visit to Verrucchio
    • Visit to Sogliano and the antique Fosse di Stagionatura
  • Learn about the cheese production and its maturation and cheese
    • Lunch at farmhouse
  • Cheese tasting
  • Return to hotel

Offer valid starting from Bologna, Ravenna, Ferrara, Rimini.

Located in the Rubicon Valley in Emilia Romagna is Soriano al Rubicone, a beautiful village with a population of 3500 people. Now famous as the Romagna region’s Wine Valley, it was once the scene of one of the most dramatic political moves in history. On the 10th January 49BCE, Julius Caesar and the 13th Legion, cross the modest Rubicon river, an act that would lead to civil war.

Sogliano is famous for producing a special type of cheese called “formaggio di fossa” or literally cheese from the pit. It’s a cheese that is left to age in a pit or hole, dug into the ground (actually tuff) and carefully lined with straw, the cheese, wrapped in linen cloth, is left for 90 days without oxygen where it ferments. The result is unique and unequalled, a specialty much appreciated by chefs and connoisseurs around the world. The custom of “burying” the cheese is age-old practice and an integral part of the local tradition. The origin of this practice is unknown but was probably devised as a way to hide food supplies during enemy raids or perhaps to preserve them during a siege. Documents exist dating the practice back to the fifteenth century; the techniques used then are the same as those used today.

We will continue our day with a stop for lunch on a beautiful farm between Sogliano and our next destination, Verucchio in the Marecchia Valley, not far from the micro-nation of The Republic of San Marino. Verucchio was the centre of power for the Malatesta family, who dominated this area from 1278 to 1640, and left their mark in the beautiful historical buildings, elegant streets and an imposing and well-preserved fortress known as the Malatestian Stronghold. The charming squares open onto the streets, small bars, shops and give the feeling of being in another era.

Do not miss the sunset over the Valle del Marecchia and the Rimini coast.

What’s included

  • Tour Leader all day.
  • All transfers
  • Tasting
  • Insurance

What’s not included

  • Anything not explictly specified
  • Lunch
  • Personal expenses